New Year, New Blog.

Yes, it’s true. I am among the hoards of people who begin to blog in the New Year, not to make it past the first month. Get ready for this ride. Hopefully it won’t be as short of one as I think. 

In November 2012, I started a little blog, which still hangs out here. I was super proud that I stuck with it for as long as I did. (A measly 8 months.) However, I grew tired of it, and eventually it drifted away from me. I also have tumblr, which will remain where I anonymously fangirl over all the ridiculous obsessions I have. Trust me, you don’t want that link. 

This past year I have started several new endeavors, the biggest one, and one I’m most proud of, being that I opened my first etsy shop. I’ve been having a huge blast, and I can’t wait to continue creating in 2015!

And because I am nothing if I don’t spread myself too thin, I’m also attempting a 365 project. Which I’ve started at least 2 times, and never finished. It’s happening, folks! It has to happen. 

New year, new blog, new goals. Let’s do this!

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