365 Week #1

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, a 365 project is any project where you complete one thing a day, for a whole year (or 365 days). I have tried to start a photography 365 numerous times and have never made it all the way through! However, I am determined to finish this year! To assist with my motivation, at the end of each week I’ll be sharing my 365 photos. 

When possible I plan on using my Canon DSLR camera, but as most of my everyday moments are captured with my trust Samsung Galaxy phone, don’t expect superior quality every day. I by no means claim to be a photographer, so my guess most of these will just be quick snapshots. Still, it’s an exercise I am hoping will broaden my horizons as far as composition, lighting, and other basic design principles. 

January 1 – 3 (short week!)

For more info, and find inspiration from others 365 projects, check out 365project.org.

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