5 Reasons You Should Write Letters

I will never forget sitting in my middle school English classroom the day we were told we would be getting pen pals from Germany. I couldn’t contain my excitement! I (me!) could send things to a complete stranger half way around the world. Later in my junior high career I would become equally excited about an assignment where we got write our favorite companies and brands with a review of their product. Thanks, Wet N’ Wild, for all the glitter eyeliner coupons you sent me in return. If it had a stamp on it, it was something for me to get excited about. And you should too. 

1. Because your mother should have taught you to write thank you notes.

Thank you notes are so, so, so important. If you write one letter or note a year, let it be a thank you note. In today’s technology heavy world, receiving a thank you note is the most personal means of expressing your gratitude to someone. Thank you notes can make your career. Boom.

5 reasons you should write more letters.

2. Because you will make someone’s day.

We all need a little more happiness in our lives, and opening your mailbox to see more than your health insurance bill is a fantastic way to do that. 

3. Because you need another creative outlet. 

Writing letters has become one of my favorite ways to express myself! It’s easy, it’s fluid, there is no right or wrong, and it is completely unintimidating. You choose your paper, your pen, the format in which you want to write – even make your own envelope. The possibilities are endless, and the best part is you can’t screw it up!

5 reasons you should write more letters.

4. Because some schools have stopped teaching cursive. 

I find this astonishing. Soon, people won’t know how to read our constitution. (I know it’s available online; don’t be a jerk.) In 2013 many schools across the United States elected to take cursive out of the curriculum, with the argument that once student’s learned cursive, they would literally never need to use it again. Writing in cursive develops hand-eye coordination skills and fine motor skills. Let’s not let it die. 

5. Because you might get a letter back. 

Last but not least, if you write a letter, you are likely to receive a letter back! Receiving something so personal, that someone took the time to write, and the thoughtfulness to put together is one of the best feelings in the world. 

5 reasons you should write more letters.

If you are interested in writing more letters, but don’t know where to start, there is a huge community out there of people who are looking to connect in the same way you are. On Instagram, check out the tags #snailmailrevolution and #penpalswanted for some amazing resources. I also recommend becoming a member of The Postal Society. They have a large forum where you can meet people to exchange letters with, and fun projects to participate in. If all of this sounds too committal – check out Post Crossing. For every postcard you send out, you receive another one from a random person around the globe – no long term relationship necessary. 

Happy writing!

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