The Creative Exchange

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to participate in an amazing program called The Creative Exchange. The brain child of Sam from Dunne With Style, the project is not only an incredible creative outlet, but a way to further connect to an amazing online community of artists! 

Here’s the lowdown: 
Each person is partnered with another fellow creative and encouraged to secretly “stalk” them via instagram, their websites, blogs etc. After your investigation, you must put together a package of up to 8 items to inspire them to be creative. The entire time you do this, someone is doing the same for you! You are encouraged to share your exchange on social media with the hashtag #thecreativeexchange. 

For my exchange, I was assigned the amazing Kathryn Godwin of Studio Cultivate. Kathryn is an awe-inspiring installation artist and stylist. After spending a ridiculous amount of time sifting through her online portfolio (seriously, you should check it out) I came up with a couple of ideas for her package. I wrapped everything up in Rifle Paper wrapping paper, because come on, it’s Rifle Paper. Even if I didn’t hit the nail on the head with my goodies, no one can resist those floral patterns. 

A few days after I sent it out, I was thrilled to receive a beautiful package from the ever so sweet Gina Paola of Gina Paola Design. I was floored at the amount of thought and love that went into this box! As soon as I opened it, I was greeted by a dapper looking Wes Anderson, so I was sold right away. 

I think I literally squealed out loud. What followed was a marvelous assortment of items that just filled me with the warm and fuzzies. Gina obviously did her homework. I’m sure you can spy all the ice cream paraphernalia right away! 

I feel so lucky to have been connected to these two inspiring women, not too mention the many other who participated in this season’s Creative Exchange. I am anxiously looking forward to the next round!

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