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As I sat down to write this post, I found myself struggling to find the right words to describe the last two weeks. There isn’t anything I can say that hasn’t already been said, and much more efficiently then anything I can articulate at this point.

53% of white women cast their vote for Donald Trump on November 8th. 61 million Americans voted for his campaign of blatant sexism, racism, and xenophobia. This is a candidate who openly described how he sexually assaults women on national television. “When you’re a star, they just let you do it…grab them by the pussy – you can do anything”. His philosophy was built around the very definition of discrimination, claiming that the United States should have a registry for all Muslim-Americans, voiding them of their constitutional rights. His Vice President-elect, Mike Pence has advocated for diverting tax-payer dollars to “conversion-therapy” for LGBT youth, and openly supports the religious freedom bill that allows businesses to discriminate against customers based on their sexual orientation. This is the campaign that so many Americans either identified with, or were able to completely overlook because they have the privilege of it not effecting them personally.

I have found myself looking inward after the victory of our new President-elect. I’m asking myself, what could I have done to help make a difference? What could I have done to help spread awareness of what this means for myself, as a bisexual woman, and the people I love? Maybe if I would have spoke up and raised my voice just a few more times, I would have been able to convince at least one other voter to reconsider their choices.

Now is not the time to be silent; it is not the time to become complacent. I refuse to let this be the new normal. It’s more important than ever that we get out into our communities and take action. Look for the causes you support locally, and reach out to see how you can make a difference. I guarantee there are hoards of people right in your neighborhood who are seeking to do the same right now.

feminist pins

With this in mind, starting immediately, 40% of each sale of both Dear Ollie’s Feminist Heart, and Fuck Yeah, I’m a Feminist pins will go directly to the National Organization for Women, whose purpose is to take action through intersectional grassroots activism to promote feminist ideals, lead societal change, eliminate discrimination, and achieve and protect the equal rights of all women and girls in all aspects of social, political, and economic life.

40% of each sale of Uterus pins will go directly to Planned Parenthood, to support their ability to provide vital and comprehensive reproductive health care, sexual education, and advocate the public policies which guarantee these rights.

If you are local to the Lansing, Michigan area I urge you to visit for a list of safe places and resources where you can find more information on becoming involved.


  1. I am just now reading this and I am so appreciative of the contributions through the sales of your amazing pins! I bought your uterus pin at the Downriver craft show and although I usually keep it pinned on my coat, I let my daughter wear it as we marched in the Women’s March in Ann Arbor.

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