Fuck Your Abortion Ban Sticker


1 in 4 women will get an abortion during their lifetime.

Alabama. Mississippi. Ohio. Georgia. Arkansas. Missouri. Louisiana. Michigan. South Carolina. Florida. West Virginia. These all are states that have or are currently trying to pass anti-abortion laws. These laws intend to ban almost all abortions, including cases of rape or incest. In Alabama, doctors who provide abortion services could be sentenced for up to 99 years, which is decades longer than the max sentencing given to convicted rapists. These laws give more rights to rapists then to women. Fuck That.

25 % of all proceeds from sales of this sticker will be donated to Planned Parenthood. I can’t do much, but I will not be silent.

Listing is for 1 individual sticker, measuring about 3.5″.  Stickers are thick, shiny, and water resistant. Perfect for snail mail, water bottles, sketch books you name it! Not recommended as bumper stickers.

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